Hello! I'm Sydnie -I'm the owner and operator of Rushmore. As many entrepreneurial stories begin; Rushmore was not the original dream. It began when a combination of my two dreams slammed into one another at a crossroad in my life.

When I left for college I knew that I wanted to own a business. I dreamt of a coffee shop/art gallery, where my passions could live together in one business. After two years of droll businesses classes I knew I needed a new path. I dug deep into my passions. Even though I was a broke college kid, I was still ravaging through thrift shops to find a way to strut my style. Fashion seemed like the answer. After graduating with my degree in Fashion, I spent almost a decade working in specialty retail.

Alton was glowing with shiny opportunity. Change was in the air and everyone knew it. I thought to myself; "Alton needs a clothing store. A place to experience the beauty of shopping." That's all it took. That one little thought grew and grew and before I knew it, I was looking for a building to buy or rent. With the support of my family and husband, who at the time was still just my boyfriend, we went for it. In December of 2018, we bought the building Rushmore is in today. By July 2019 I had quit my full time job entirely and on August 10, 2019 Rushmore opened its doors for the first time. I'm so proud of what Rushmore has become and the positive impact we have on the community.

Enough about me! What is Rushmore? Rushmore is a special kind of place where all generations can shop. Its shopping experience is paralleled by those in any big city, with a style that is laid back but still retaining a sense of independence and creativity. We like to describe Rushmore's style as "classic silhouettes with a modern twist". Each month a new collection is released. With lots of my love, time, and effort put into hand selecting the perfect colors, silhouettes, and styles. I feel sure you will love our clothes, accessories, and gift items as much as we do.