What is a Rushmore Collection?

Have you ever been shopping at the mall and thought “Woah! This is just too much to choose from!”? At Rushmore we try to eliminate that struggle by creating Rushmore Collections. What makes it a collection and why do we do it this way? Keep reading and I will tell you all about our collections and share with you what makes each one so special.

A Rushmore Collection is…

A Rushmore collection is a carefully chosen “theme” or vibe of each month's new arrivals. It all begins with a mood board - plugging and pulling until it feels just right. Since the best garments have to be purchased months in advance, I start building those collections very early on. Often it begins with season- what will the temperatures be? Thoughts like, “will we still be wearing jackets in May or sweaters in September?” are evaluated. From there I see what's available - prints that are fun or particularly stylish. Are there colors that stand out or must haves for that season? Certain months evoke different feelings and can be represented by color. An example I try to never follow is Red and Green for December. What about base colors- navy or black, cream or grey? After choosing a few key pieces,a few printed pieces and a pop of color, I start to layer in the other necessary silhouettes - A variety of tops and bottoms, a dress and a jacket. After adding and pulling from the mood board we eventually reach the budget and number of pieces that work for that month! Then we have our collection! 

We learned it from the pros….

Fashion designers, from big to little, also create collections for their lines. Twice a year, after consulting the team they begin to pull inspiration. Sometimes it's from world happenings (let's say global pandemic or racial injustice), sometimes it's from decades past. Then they start to design, soon honing in on each piece. Followed by choosing colors, picking fabrics, and balancing the collection with a variety of silhouettes. Finally, they wrap up the collection by sending it to production.

Why is a collection helpful for me as a shopper?

You might be thinking, how does this help me? When I select the pieces for Rushmore, I always have you in mind. Shopping can be overwhelming and we don’t always have the time or patience to sort through heaps of stores at the mall or hundreds of websites that ultimately leave you feeling more lost than before. Offering a collection of pieces that work together can take the stress out of shopping. You probably already have a style of your own and we want to give you the pieces to pair into your already wonderful wardrobe! And if you're in a place of rediscovering your style, we want to create a selection that makes the rediscovery fun.

Now that you have this beautiful little insight into Rushmore and the thought process behind how we select all the goodies we share with you, you’ll be able to shop those new arrivals with a whole new perspective on the Rushmore collection. Click on the button below and shop this month's collection and you’ll see how these new arrivals were hand selected for our own beautiful line just for you!

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