My Own Thought on Age and Fashion

Clothing is deeply personal—it's our daily armor, our expression to the world. It pains me when I hear people say, "I'm too old to wear that" or "That's for young people." What defines something as 'young'? Perhaps short hemlines or styles reminiscent of our youth might seem inappropriate. Like low-rise jeans for me, reminding me of a phase I've since outgrown. But should sweatshirts, vibrant colors, or jeans that flatter be confined to a specific age group? I think not.

Not too many years ago, my mother experienced a significant weight loss in her 60s. Inadvertently necessitating a wardrobe overhaul. Like many stay-at-home moms, she had let her appearance take a back seat, fearing it might appear to detract from her focus on her children. However, her transformation wasn't about age; it was about reclaiming her sense of self, her desired image. Age is nuanced; feeling good in your own skin is timeless.

We began our journey at Rushmore, where my mom cautiously tried on various styles, rediscovering her post-weight-loss silhouette. Not having had a full-length mirror at home made this experience both shocking and empowering. As she experimented, her style preferences became evident—classic with a touch of comfort. Blazers reminiscent of her career's heyday paired with the ease of jeans became her go-to. Unknowingly opting for a timeless aesthetic adaptable to any age. Our subsequent visits to Ann Taylor's Loft and Soft Surroundings further solidified her signature style—a mix of sophistication and ease.

From that point forward, she exuded confidence because she felt authentically herself, irrespective of age. Unafraid to infuse her wardrobe with color and creativity, she embodied the essence of timeless style. I couldn't have been prouder.

The takeaway? Whether in your 40s, or approaching your 90s, you're a mom, or work from home, your style should never be dictated by societal norms. Embrace what brings you joy, reflecting the beauty within that deserves to shine.

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