How To : Take Care Of Your Denim

If you're like me, finding a great pair of denim is tricky to say the least. So once I find a great pair, I want to make them last forever! What lots of people don't know is that making a great pair of jeans last, often comes down to how you care for them. Here's a few tips and tricks to making your denim last.


1. Don't wash them; Thats right, you heard me. Don't wash your jeans unless you have to. If you're not gardening or building a house in your jeans, why do you need to wash them after every wear? The truth is, you don't! The golden number is 10 - try to wear your denim 10 times between washes.  If the thought of not washing your jeans is freaking you out, then my biggest tip is to fold them and put them in a plastic grocery sack, then stick them in the freezer overnight. The cold temps will kill any 'funk' that might be lingering after a few wears. Spot a stain? Grab a damp cloth and blot the stain out. Try not to rub or you could run the risk of distressing the dye unevenly. 

2. If you must wash, wash on cold; Temperature matters immensely when it comes to washing your clothes. When you use hot water for your jeans, the fibers (often cotton and spandex) are weakened resulting in a jean that bags and sags. Cold water will also help retain the beautiful indigo color and maybe even save a little money on the energy bill. 

3. Whatever you do, DON'T TUMBLE DRY; The biggest mistake you can make when caring for your jeans is drying them. I compare it to putting plastic in the microwave. Most jeans have a percentage of spandex, which is a plastic. When your spandex is exposed to such high levels of heat the spandex looses its bounce back and like the waist band on an old pair of underwear, those jeans will never bounce back. I know what your thinking. What if they don't have any spandex? Cotton jeans are a fabulous thing! 100% Cotton jeans hold us in and hide our lumps and bumps. Cotton, a natural fiber, will shrink when exposed to high heat and the little cotton fibers will break down. Feel like your cotton jeans aren't holding you in like they once did? Wash on a cold delicate wash and hang dry. Flip them inside out to avoid soggy pockets. They will return to their original shape.

4. If it's broke, let's fix it!; Denim is totally repairable. Holes in the thigh? Back pockets comming undone? We can fix that! Denim is one of the easiest materials to patch up and we are more than happy to keep you oldies but goodies out of the landfill and making their place in our world. 

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