How To Style: A Vest

The vest is my favorite trend to re-appear in 2022. Although for some, styling a vest isn't always the simplest. I'm going to walk you through some of my favorite style formulas for success with the vest.

Here we have Zoe Kravitz rocking the vest over a t-shirt look. To me this is the simplest answer to styling a vest. Vest + Tee = Timeless

When it comes to "v neck" vs. "crew neck" vest, layer as you see fit taking into account your body and what makes you feel good. If doing a crew neck makes you feel too busty, rock a v-neck vest with a v-neck tee. 

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This is my personal favorite way to style a vest. I am often seen pairing my own vests over a button up-long sleeve blouse. Harry approved or not. I'm about this look.

For me, it dresses up the vest and gives the look that modern prep vibe. Not to mention, I have a lot of button ups and by adding a vest, it automatically gives me that "third piece".  An element of style that is deep rooted from my Ann Taylor days. More on the "third piece" to come in a future blog.

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With the seasons changing you might be thinking, how can I wear a vest now? Let me tell you; you don't need to wear anything under your vest. Wearing a vest solo is incredibly chic. Pair a jacket over it during the car ride and when you get to dinner BAM! Bust out those arms for a sweet date night surprise.

This option isn't for the faint of heart. Sleeveless is often a choice I don't choose for the simple fact that I get so cold. If thats the same for you, throw a long sleeve tee underneath and save yourself the shivers. 

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