Cocktail Of The Month: Peach+Mezcal Margarita


  • 2oz Peach Puree 

  • 2oz Mezcal

  • 3/4oz Grand Marnier 

  • 1/2 Lime juice, fresh or 1/2 Tbsp not fresh

  • 1/2oz Honey Simple Syrup

  • Ice

  • Lime wedge

  • Peach slice

    Honey Simple Syrup

    1. Start by heating up a pot on the stove
    2. Add 1 part honey + 1 part water. We did 2/3 cup honey and 2/3 cup water.
    3. Heat until honey has dissolved and the whole concoction is watery. 
    4. Set aside to cool. Then save in a tight sealing container, like a mason jar. Keeps for about 3 weeks.

    Blending The Peach

    1. Add about 2 peaches in the blender with skins on and pits out. Add a dash of water and blend until totally smooth and chunk-less. Add more water if needed.. but not too much. 

    Mixing The Margarita

    1. In a cocktail shaker add ice, peach puree, honey simple syrup, mezcal, cointreau, and lime juice.

    2. Shake for 30 seconds.

    3. Add to your glass, a cut a lime wedge in the middle and coat the rim with lime juice.

    4. Salt the rim of your glass.

    5. Fill glass with ice.

    6. Double strain from cocktail shaker into your glass.

    7. Garnish with a peach slice or lime wedge.


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