Shoes I'm Loving Right Now

Shoes are one of the most important elements of an outfit. We may not sell shoes at Rushmore (yet) but that doesn't mean I can't share my favorites with you!

Right now I'm loving my Seychelles knee high boots in Tan. I had first found the mule version of these on Anthropologies website. I loved the square toe and I'm always wearing a mule with my wide leg jeans. Knowing they would get lots of wear and that Anthropologie was having a sale on shoes, I bought them. I found myself wearing them all the time but with the weather getting colder I couldn't wear them without socks. To be totally honest, I never had a knee high boot but I have so many dresses that would look so awesome with a pair, not to mention I could wear a dress without tights in the winter if I had a knee high boot. So I began to search for something that was casual enough to wear anytime but still had a heel. Then I found the Seychelles Itinerary Boot! This was more than I would normally spend on a pair of shoes (by a lot) but I thought, "if they come in and I don't ABSOLUTELY love them, I will send them back". 

Well, here we are and I have worn those boots more than any other boot in the time I've had them. They have a total zip up side and are 100% leather. The leather is heavier than most I've had in the past and with that comes a beautiful grain (not reflected very well on their website).  The heel is wooden but still has a plastic element so the sound they make when I walk isn't too loud. I have a very square "toe box" which made these perfect. However, lets talk sizing. I am a typical 9.5 but these boots ran big. I originally ordered a 9 when I saw they were out of my typical size. I had to send them back and get the 8.5! I haven't worn an 8.5 since I was in grade school!


All in all, these are my new favorite shoe and I'm even tempted to watch for a sale on the black because they are just that good. 


Click here to Shop Seychelles Website

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