A New Store Update

Hello, friends! I'm sure many of you are wondering about the reopening of Rushmore, and I'm here with a brief update on our progress.

As construction chugs along, we're aiming for a potential reopening toward the end of May. However, as anyone who's been through renovations knows, timelines can be a bit fluid. For the latest updates, I encourage you to sign up for our email newsletters.

In the meantime, how have I been spending this downtime? Well, it's been a period of relaxation and rejuvenation. I've rekindled my passion for painting, finally tackled those books gathering dust on my coffee table, and cherished moments with my husband and our pet dog, Sam. Sam's not feeling too well these days, so I've been able to give him all the love and care he needs.

I've also been leaning into the concept of divine timing, finding comfort in the idea that sometimes life nudges us to slow down before the next big wave hits. So, I'm taking this opportunity to appreciate the present and prepare for what lies ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your patience and support during this transition period.

Missing you all,

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